We believe in taking a holistic approach to pregnancy where both mother and baby are nurtured. Having a holistic view on pregnancy and childbirth means looking at not only the health of our physical body but also the well being of our mind, our emotions and response to stress, as well as our spirit.

what evolve offers for pregnancy:

lomi lomi massage for pregnancy to soothe and nurture

HypnoBirthing, an empowering childbirth course


hawaiian pregnancy massage

hawaiian lomi lomi massage for pregnancy. This is a one hour gentle pregnancy massagebut effective massage that supports, cares for and nurtures the mother to be. Particular attention is paid to areas most affected during the various stages of pregnancy.

Lomi lomi massage for pregnancy calm the mind & emotions while soothing the body. It relieves muscular tension, improves circulation and helps reduce water retention. Regular lomi lomi during pregnancy can help prevent stretch marks & varicose veins.

Each treatment is individual taking into consideration your requirements and comfort. Later in pregnancy the most comfortable position is often lying on your side supported with pillows.

Please confirm with your midwife or doctor that you are fine to receive massage treatments.

For more information please see www.HunaQuest.com


evolve’s lomi lomi pregnancy massage practitioner: zanna parkinson

Zanna Parkinson Lomi Lomi and Pregnancy Massage Therapist at evolve

zanna parkinson

price :

availability :

to book :

hawaiian lomi lomi for pregnancy 60 min | £70

thursdays, 5-9pm + on call

please call evolve at 020 7581 4090



HypnoBirthing® is an empowering childbirth preparation course. By understanding the physiology of the birthing body and the influence of the mind over it, fear is replaced with confidence and trust in the birth process.

  • Feel empowered and in control during childbirth
  • Release fear towards birth


“I gave birth to Jacob at 5.09am today. We’re over the moon. The labour was 2hrs and we had the HypnoBirth we so hoped for with no drugs! It was simply amazing. Thank you so much!” 


evolve’s hypnobirthing practitioner: rani  klöckner

rani klöckner

price : a course of four 2.5hr sessions

private course | £495
group course  | £295

availability : fridays, 12:30-4:30pm or by appointment

to book :  info@raniklockner.com | 07746 821 877

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